Pulut Kuning Berhias

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Why Pulut Berhias?

Tired of cakes? Awe your guests with our beautifully crafted Pulut Berhias. Add that special touch to your event as our Pulut Berhias is the perfect choice for your special occasions like Wedding Ceremony, Birthday, Anniversary and many more. And for those who crave for uniqueness and exclusivity, our custom made Pulut Berhias is absolutely for you..

What is Pulut Berhias?

Pulut Berhias is our own special version of Pulut Kuning (Glutinous Rice soaked in Turmeric) which is a traditional Malay dish that is usually served with Beef or Chicken Rendang or Chicken Curry during special occasions like wedding ceremony, birthday and such. We have the most extensive design and beautifully crafted Pulut Kuning in the market to suit your every needs.

New Pictures Uploaded!

Hi All,

Please check out our Product Showcase section. New photos uploaded which includes:
  • Pulut 3 Tingkat Berhias
  • Pulut Stand for Rent
  • Mini Pulut (suitable for kenduri or door gift)
If you have any questions, please contact me (012 - 371 9855) or my outlet (03 - 9074 5140). We will be more than happy to assist you.


  1. Aidamay said...

    salam.. may i know how much is for mini pulut? does it come with any package w/ rendang & etc..?

  2. Pulut Berhias said...

    salam cik/puan aida,

    untuk mini pulut, sila rujuk catalog terbaru kami... untuk pesanan yang lebih daripada 500 biji harga boleh runding...

    Pulut Telaga Berhias dan Pulut Inti Berhias comes with it's own rendang and some simple but nice garnishing for decoration..

    so check out our new catalog! :)

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